SONECT is a mobile app. We provide a cash distribution platform, that enables every Shop like yours, into a virtual ATM.

Your benefits:

By offering this service, people will not just walk by and pass your door, but come inside to use the Sonect service. This means for you an increased customer frequency inside of your shop.

In addition, as you will get rid of your cash on a regular bases, your cash handling costs, such as recounting and bringing it back to the bank, will become less.

If you want to know more or sign up as a SONECT Shop to attract more clients, simply download our app in the Apple App Store or on google play for Android phones. All you need is a smartphone and your IBAN, so we can credit the cash you handed out to our clients, back to you.

APP STORE apple          app store google

We tried to design our app as intuitive as possible. If you are not sure how to use, please download our user manuals for shops:

… Deutsch – User Manual – Shop Installation …

… Francais – User Manual – Shop Installation …

Any further questions, or you prefer a personal assistance?

Email us at   shop (at)   we will contact you within 3 hours.