We create virtual ATMs

What we do:
SONECT is a mobile app. We provide a cash distribution platform, that enables every Point of Sales into a virtual ATM

For whom:
SONECT is designed for any bank that is looking for an alternate way of cash distribution to reduce ATM operational expenditure and yet engage more with their retail customers

SONECT reduces “cost of cash” for banks by recycling cash directly from the cash register of any shop and providing ATM-as-a-service to the banks.

We are creating cash distribution points for banks without owning any ATM machine.

sonect recycling

Putting up an ATM is complicated and expensive. It takes time to find a good place and the annual maintenance costs are high. Why not save money and at the same time add thousands of >>Virtual ATMs<< to your global network for all your customers?

Sonect is your partner, contact us now:   bank (at) sonect.ch