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The first Swiss National Fintech startup team is ready for New York

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>>venture>> finalists determined

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startup TOP 100 voting

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En Suisse, on peut se faire livrer du cash en même temps que son repas

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La start-up qui livre du cash à domicile

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blick sonect

Bar oder mit Karte: Sonect wird den Bargeld-Bezug einfacher machen

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20er-Nötli per Kurier

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Zum Kiosk statt zum Bancomaten

Eine neue App will es Nutzern ermöglichen, Bargeld in Läden in der Nachbarschaft zu beziehen. Bancomaten würden überflüssig. Sogar ein Lieferservice ist geplant.

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Zürcher Fintech setzt auf die Vergangenheit

Bargeld ist schon bald Geschichte – das glauben jedenfalls die Vordenker digitaler Währungen. Eine Zürcher Fintech-Firma ist anderer Meinung und hat eine grosse Bank ins Boot geholt.

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Virtual cash machine secures investors

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Ich bin auch ein Bancomat

Ein Laden kann mehr als nur verkaufen, er soll über die App von Sonect seine Kunden auch mit Bargeld versorgen.


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Postfinance investit dans les «bancomats virtuels» de Sonect

La start-up zurichoise Sonect boucle une première levée de fonds pour son app mobile permettant de retirer du cash dans les commerces.

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SONECT attracts PostFinance as lead investor

Swiss fintech start-up SONECT has recently closed their first funding round. The start-up will use the funds to further develop the platform and to roll out the service. Customers will be able to withdraw cash from first stores in April.

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Zürcher Fintech plant Bargeldbezug per Smartphone

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The first Swiss National Fintech startup team

The venture leaders jury has selected the first Fintech Team of the venture leaders history. This new ‘Swiss National Startup Team’ joins the Technology, Life Science and China 2017 selections. The ten high potential Swiss startups will take part in the high-powered business and financing roadshow in New York.

The 10 selected entrepreneurs reflect the acceleration of the Swiss fintech scene in the recent years and the impressive quality of its startups. They will join the intense journey taking place from September 10 – 16 in New York. The roadshow offers an accelerated learning curve and a solid network through exchanges with their peers in the team, as well as market exposure, feedback from investors and experts, and hands-on business development.

The city of unlimited possibilities: for world-class startups. Swiss made.
‘New York is undeniably one of the most economically powerful cities on the planet and definitely the reference in fintech today. It has been the fastest-growing startup technology ecosystem in the US in recent years, attracting more than $3 billion per year of investment today,’ explains Jordi Montserrat, Director of venturelab. ‘We already brought our technology team there for the past two years, and saw there was an amazing potential in taking a Swiss fintech team to this amazing setup to support their global expansion. This was a trigger for the new selection, supporting the path of Switzerland being amongst the leading nations in fintech for the upcoming decade’.

Meet the venture leaders Fintech 2017 & see them pitch at the startup space in Zurich on June 19
Mark the date of June 19, 2017, for the Swiss Fintech Night at the startup space in Zurich co-organized by Swiss Finance Startups. Starting at 6:15PM, the event will showcase the 10 winners of venture leaders Fintech 2017, who are forming the Swiss National Fintech Team.The team comprises a startup ranked in the TOP100 Swiss startups, and a recent winner of 130,000 Swiss francs at the Venture Kick finale. Following the startup pitching there will be the SFS Summer Party. Full program and registration.

About venture leaders: the home of the Swiss national startup teams
venture leaders offers one-week roadshows in Boston (Life Science), Silicon Valley (Technology), New York (Fintech) and China (all domains). This includes presentations to local investors, partners and industry experts as well as business workshops and company visits. Further to getting a unique visibility in Switzerland and abroad, as well as building a strong network, the participants are part of a team of entrepreneurs sharing the same objectives and challenges. They are unique ambassadors of the thriving Swiss startup scene and Switzerland’s innovation power.

Next call for Swiss startups with global potential

The AIT program aims to support scientists in transforming their high-level applied research into market application and discovering their entrepreneurial potential. By connecting scientists from top institutions in Switzerland and India/Brazil, the program promotes an international network and enables access to one of the most promising markets and intellectual capitals in applied research.

The venture leaders Fintech 2017 (the Swiss National Fintech Team) at a glance

Advanon, Phil Lojacono
Advanon in its basic version is an online platform that allows SMEs to pre-finance their open invoices directly through financial investors. Thereby they don’t have to wait for the long payment terms anymore and investors on the other hand get access to a new type of asset class. In the long run, Advanon wants to make financing for SMEs redundant and fully automated.

AlgoTrader, Andy Flury
The startup provides an algorithmic trading software that allows automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies. AlgoTrader provides everything a typical hedge fund needs on a daily basis to run his operation. They help trading companies minimize manual labor and save costs. Their software AlgoTrader is the first and only algorithmic trading software to be available both on the cloud and on premise.

Carbon Delta, Oliver Marchand
Carbon Delta is a climate risk specialist that identifies and analyzes the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies. They assess a company’s Climate Value-at-Risk (VaR), thus how much its market value will possibly be affected by climate change, to help investors manage the climate risk within their portfolio. The startup uses big data analysis and their research can be used to calculate the Climate VaR for thousands of equities and corporate bonds. Three core risk scenarios are currently used for calculating a company’s overall climate resilience: expected regulations, extreme weather events, and the Paris Agreement’s 2°C target.

CreditGate24, Teddy Amberg
CreditGate24 is an independent Swiss company and a fully automated platform for lenders and borrowers which offers efficient, transparent and scalable credit processing at high quality. The startup operates online without physical branches and high operating expenses to enhance returns for lenders and lower costs for borrowers. CreditGate24 stands for a stringent underwriting process, based on established credit assessment tools, big data and social media analyses as well as insurance against risk of death and risk pooling to reduce loss risks. CreditGate24 is supervised by the Financial Services Standards Association VQF, is a registered financial intermediary under the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act and possesses a loan provision license (“Kreditvergabelizenz”).

Futurae Technologies, Samuel Berger
Futurae empowers companies to deploy state-of-the-art IT security while improving the customer journey. Through user-friendly solutions, businesses can increase their customers’ satisfaction while gaining confidence in their ability to protect sensitive user data. Users choose weak passwords and reuse the same passwords for various applications. Futurae offers a complete strong Authentication Suite (2FA) for securing sensitive end-user data of every organization. Their product portfolio offers a high level of security while making 2FA more user-friendly and making the integration fast and cost-effective for companies. Futurae grew from within the research institutes of ETH and is now being led by top-of-class individuals with a vision.

KiWi (eBOP), Christian Sinobas
KiWi transforms merchant’s phone into a smart point of sale. KiWi is the app small merchants use in emerging markets to accept card payments, finance their working capital, sell new services and better control their businesses. The company is live in Mexico with >2’000 paying merchants enrolled. The ambition is to quickly reach several hundreds of thousands micro-merchants in Mexico and to open five new markets by 2020.

Monito (Global Impact Finance), Francois Briod
Sending money abroad? Monito is the for money transfers, helping migrants and expatriates find, review and compare money transfer services. They are on a mission to change the industry for the better and free the world of $28bn excessive transfer fees paid each year.

OneVisage, Christophe Remillet
OneVisage is a leading cyber-security company developing biometric solutions to help financial services eliminating identity theft and increasing user’s digital experience. They are first to offer 3D facial biometry on standard smartphones that delivers higher security than fingerprints at the price of password-based solutions.

Qumram, Patrick Barnert
Qumram seamlessly records all digital interactions, across all channels (web, social media, mobile and instant messaging) capturing indisputable evidence to prove compliance, discover fraud, improve customer experience and open new digital channels to interact with Financial Service clients. Banks such as UBS, HSBC, Bankia, Russell Investments, and many more trust Qumram today.

SONECT, Sandipan Chakraborty
SONECT enables every shop in the neighborhood to act as a virtual ATM. The APP is a location-aware, decentralized platform that brings together clients with stores. The gain is threefold: Shops attract more customers and therefore earn more money, without any costs. Everybody can withdraw cash at the click of a button wherever they are, for free, and banks reduce their ATM operations costs. SONECT recycles banknotes in circulation to reduce the cost of cash of banks and retailers while accelerating digital adoption of consumers.

About venture leaders: The home of the Swiss national startup teams
Created in 2001, venture leaders offers one-week roadshows in Boston (Life Science), Silicon Valley (Technology), New York (Fintech) and China (all domains). This includes presentations to local investors, partners and industry experts as well as business workshops and company visits. Further to getting a unique visibility in Switzerland and abroad, as well as building a strong network, the participants are part of a team of entrepreneurs sharing the same objectives and challenges. They are unique Ambassadors of the thriving Swiss startup scene and our country’s innovation power. So far, more than 300 startups participated in the program today. Some were acquired by Apple or Intel. In total, 42 venture leaders are listed in the actual TOP100 Swiss Startups ranking such as L.E.S.S., Bcomp, Knip, Flyability, Ava, Amal Therapeutics, Gamaya and Lunaphore.

This year the venture leaders Fintech program is supported by Canton of Vaud, digitalswitzerland, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, IMMOMIG, PostFinance and Swiss Finance Startups.

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>>venture>> finalists determined

The jury of the >>venture>> competition has selected the best 25 business plans and business ideas. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 19 June.

On 19 June the winners of the venture competition will be announced at the award ceremony which will be joined by Federal Councillor Johann Schneider Ammann. The winning teams will receive prize money for a total of CHF 170’000. Prior to the ceremony, finalists of the Business Plan competition will pitch their projects to an exclusive group of investors at a closed event.

The Top 25 Business Plans are:

Advertima (ICT, Artificial Intelligence) – combines machine learning, computer vision and big data to generate a positive and perfect customer experience.

Apiax (ICT, Fintech) bridges the gap between compliance and IT with their innovative way of transforming regulations into digital compliance rules

Astrocast (ICT, Space) aims to build a network of nanosatellites providing global machine to machine services (M2M) to global businesses at the lowest industry cost.

Cellphmed (Medtech, personalised medicine) is a bioinformatic platform enabling the discovery and early development of novel diagnostic biomarkers and immunotherapy targets to better treat cancer.

Certus (Biotech, Diagnostics) develops a highly reliable method for the on-site detection of pathogens such as herpes or influenza viruses within only 30 minutes.

Dicronis (Medtech, Diagnostics) develops diagnostics based on microneedles technology, initially targeting cancer survivors at risk for secondary lymphedema.

Elthera (Biotech, Pharma) develops antibodies against a novel target whose expression is strongly correlated with an aggressive tumor in various types of cancer.

ExoSuisse (Medtech, Robotics) is active in the field of textile-powered mobility for handicapped people.

Haelixa (Microtechnology) develops DNA-based tracers for next level industrial tracing.

IbtiCare (Biotech, Nanotechnology) commercialises a unique antibacterial technology based on Physical Vapor Deposition. The first product will be an antibacterial wound dressing.

Lumigbo (Medtech) develops a technology to build up implants inside the body using an access channel of less than half a millimetre in diameter.

Mirraccle (ICT)

Nagi Bioscience

Nextep (Medtech) is working to provide the ortho-prosthetic world with new integrated hardware and software for the production of prosthetic limb components.

Optimo Medical AG (Medtech) developed “Optimeyes” technology to make surgical procedures on the human cornea safer and more precise.


RetinAI (Medtech, diagnostics) uses the latest machine learning techniques and medical image processing for the early detection and screening of the eye and neurodegenerative diseases.

SKYPULL (Cleantech, wind energy) develops a flying lightweight and compact wind-based electricity generation system for more renewable power.

Sonect (ICT, Fintech) offers a platform which allows anyone to withdraw cash from any neighbourhood store, restaurant or delivery service by using a smartphone.

SOS Nachhilfe (Interdisciplinary, Service) helps students to learn quickly and offers independent tuition for any desired subject within a few hours.

Still Active (ICT, Internet) is an online concierge, featuring tailored activities and services. The start-up aims to help Baby Boomers and Best Agers to stay active, with an easy-to-use booking platform. Tastier (ICT, Fintech) has developed an app that makes payments in restaurants/bars easier and faster than cash or card.

Vibwife (Medtech) designs a mattress-system that actively mobilizes and supports women during natural birth.

Vigilitech (Medtech, animal health) pursues the vision of a new embedded hard- and software product with improved performance and flexibility that allows easy to use animal monitoring.

Yamo (Interdisciplinary, Food) offers truly fresh, all natural, all organic and Swiss made food for babies.

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IMD & Silicon Valley

The IMD Lausanne, which is the home of one of the Top 20 executive MBA programs worldwide, has chosen Sonect as one of the winners of their prestigious startup competition. Experienced top managers participating in the program will support us during their education. In combination with top-notch professionals form the university and a unique opportunity to visit Silicon Valley,  this backing will boost our growth even further.

Plug and Play selected SONECT

The world’s biggest startup accelerator selected 10 Start-Ups – one of them being SONECT. From over 240 European companies who applied to join this program, we are proud to be part of this outstanding opportunity. The Plug and Play accelerator supported well known global players like PayPal, Dropbox and many more. This program for FinTech Start-Ups is powered by the French BNP Paribas Group and therefore especially interesting for us.

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