SONECT means Social Network of Cash Transactions

in other words: easy cash, everywhere.
We are a young & dynamic team of experts with a global vision: withdrawing cash should be easy and quick – no matter where you are: at home, on the run or in your holidays – but just one click away.

Therefore we selected 3 guiding principles:

sonect guiding pribnciples

Having cash means having freedom. Therefore cash should be available everywhere and for everyone and we aim to realize that.
We are always looking for innovative options to stay one step ahead when it comes to creating a little more freedom and flexibility for people and making their life easier. We will make getting cash as convenient as possible.

As a Swiss company, we offer our services as reliable and professional as the banks in our country, but without the regular bank feel:
Therefore we are fully customer-focussed and communicate as easy and transparent as possible. We will be a rock solid companion who understands the customers needs.

Most of the times cash comes with a social interaction, it brings people together. We want to help building a community and create an increased number of social interactions.
We aim to help people to get to know the small and local businesses around them as well as improving their area or surroundings.